Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Don Gilbert's Health -- As of 09 May

Monday - 07 May:
John Whiteside reported that he visited Don Monday afternoon after receiving a call from Don's wife, Ginger. Don looked great, sounded good and has been walking. However, he is “wired” with tubes all over. He had an MRI which ruled out the gall stones. Don said that the blood clot has been dissolved. They now say he has E Coli in his blood stream and are treating him for that. Don thinks he may go home in 2 days, but John has trouble believing that.

Wednesday - 09 May:
Don had gall bladder surgery today. Per Ginger, the bladder was “rotten” and the doctor said it was lucky they got to it now. It was gangrenous...with a stone the size of an egg! Due to this condition, they had to perform major surgery and Don will be recovering for 3-4 weeks. John Whiteside reports that he will try to see Don tomorrow (Thursday) and should have more to report.

-- Thanks to FASCV President John Whiteside for this information