Monday, July 30, 2007

July 30, 2007 -- Milpitas 2-Alarm Response

Shortly after 07:15, while returning from the scene of Santa Clara City Fire Department's 3-alarm fire, FASCV received a page for a second response -- a 2-alarm Hazmat incident in Milpitas at the intersection of Capitol Avenue and Montague Expressway. All four FASCV responders to Santa Clara's incident immediately changed plans and responded with Support Unit 1 to Milpitas Fire Department's event.

A truck driver reported smelling a noxious odor coming from his vehicle and Milpitas and Santa Clara County Hazmat teams responded to determine the level of danger. Eventually, crews were unable to determine the cause of the odor and FASCV was released from this second incident of the morning at approximately 09:00.

John's photos from this event can be found at the following link: Milpitas Hazmat.

KRON TV's news story of the event can be read at:
"Roads in Milpitas Re-Open After Hazardous Gas Leak Scare"

-- Information provided by FASCV member John Whitaker and KRON TV