Tuesday, April 1, 2008

March 29, 2008 -- Once Again, A Response for SCCFD

Let's do this one more time!

The fourth FASCV response of the day (and the third for
Santa Clara County Fire) was for a fire in the upstairs bedroom of a duplex. Located at 103 El Porton, Los Gatos, the fire was quickly knocked down by arriving firefighters.

FASCV was paged to the scene at 9:46 P.M. with John Whiteside again driving Support Unit 2. This time, he was met by John Whitaker who directed him into the scene. The fire was located within
the "Rinconada Hills" gated community with lots of narrow roadways - some of which were blocked by 5-inch hoselines. Once set up, FASCV dispensed the beverage of choice - hot coffee. The evening was cold, firefighters were wet, and this was the third fire of the day for some of the crew. FASCV was released shortly after 12:45 A.M. - Sunday!

The Los Gatos Observer's news story can be read at: "Fire Destroys Townhouse".

John Whitaker's third set of photos for the day are at:
CNT - Los Gatos Duplex.