Tuesday, May 13, 2008

May 7, 2008 -- 4th Alarm for San Jose Fire

On Wednesday, May 7, at 11:36 AM, Fire Associates was paged to a fire at "The Atrium". Located at 1009 Blossom River Way in San Jose, "The Atrium" is a independent living and supportive services apartment facility for seniors. The fire eventually went to a 4th alarm with mutual aide being supplied by Santa Clara County Fire.

With John Whiteside arriving in Support Unit 2, Fire Associates set up a rehab area in a portion of the facility's parking lot. Fortunately, the area was shaded by some large trees. Although not a hot day, it was sunny and the firefighters appreciated the shade with the mid-afternoon sun beating down. The fire began in a laundry area, but quickly spread through the walls and had to be "chased down" by fire crews. This required some heavy overhaul work in very smokey hallways.

Fire Associates had a very good turnout of members. This was helpful as we not only served a large amount of lemonade, but also were asked to deliver and serve Togo's sandwiches to fire crews and a larger than usual number of AMR workers. FASCV members also walked the perimeter of the large facility with water and lemonade that were served out of portable coolers.

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