Monday, October 20, 2008


Fire Associates Has A New Support Unit

Fire Associates has been involved in a fast-paced fund raising drive to purchase a new support unit. This month, with contributions from dozens of individuals and organizations, we achieved that goal.

We have taken delivery of a brand new, 2008 Ford F-550 Super Duty Diesel. Painted red, with a white roof, and equipped with 20-in.-deep utility boxes, the unit will be a much-needed replacement that will ensure a reliable response from Fire Associates for years to come.

To date, the drive has raised $35,200! This sum, when combined with $20,000 already in the treasury, has allowed us to make the purchase. We say "to date" because the drive is not over.

Now, additional money will be sought to outfit the rig. A 6,000 kW diesel generator has already been purchased, but we still need such things as a 50-gallon, potable water tank and pump; telescopic area lighting; and an emergency radio console. As soon as this equipment is acquired and installed, the rig will go into service to help Santa Clara county-wide fire departments provided rehab services to their firefighters.