Sunday, November 2, 2008

October 29, 2008 -- South County Fire Response

On October 29, at 3:12 P.M., Fire Associates' help was requested by South County Fire. John Whiteside and Don Gilbert responded in Support Unit 2 with
Mike Chappell there in a Cal Fire capacity. John Whiteside provided the following details:

"October 29, South County Fire (CAL FIRE), with Gilroy, 3rd-alarm, 1910-era Victorian, Holsclaw Road at Gilman Road. We got a 'heads-up' from Mike who called me on phone to alert of upcoming page. When we left the scene at 1900, they had put so much foam on the ruins that it looked like a snow storm had been through. Unbelievable scene!!! There were 10 “red” rigs, including 2 SSC WTs, plus 2 additional WTs (private and Gilroy public works). Water shuttle required from area of The Outlets due to dry hydrant at scene."