Saturday, March 21, 2009

Switch-over a Success -- FSU 2 Now In Service

Thanks to the efforts of FASCV Fleet Manager Don Gilbert and President John Whitaker, the new FSU 2 is now stocked and fully supplied. Starting at 9:00 A.M. on Thursday morning, March 19, the switch-over took approximately 6 hours to complete. Fortunately, the weather was warm and sunny as the rigs were put side-by-side at the rear of Station 26.

The main task was figuring out where everything would fit. The two units, although similar in arrangement, are very different in size. Everything that fit on the old unit (inside
and out) now fits entirely enclosed in the new unit! The new configuration ensures that all supplies will be kept secure and entirely out of the weather.

Some last-minute issues arose concerning the requirement to use the Nederman exhaust extraction equipment at SJFD Station 26. The problem was solved when the Department agreed to move the currently unstaffed Brush Patrol 26 to temporary quarters until the fire season. This meant that our rig could use the existing Nederman system.

However, to use the system, our Support Unit needed its exhaust modified
to fit the extraction adapter. The dual exhaust tips were cut and a single pipe was welded on. In addition, a remote transmitter had to be wired in place so the exhaust extraction fans will activate when the engine is started. It is hoped that new exhaust extraction equipment will be installed in our original bay before Brush Patrol 26 is returned and manned for the summer.

We will keep you posted when Support Unit 2 makes its first official run. We can't wait!