Monday, July 13, 2009

July 13, 2009 -- 2nd-alarm Response for SC County Fire

At 4:30 AM on Monday, July 13, Santa Clara County Fire requested Fire Associates' assistance at a 2nd-alarm blaze in Cupertino. Jerry Haag responded and has written this account:

Date: 13 July 2009
Time: 0430 Sonitrol dispatch, 0515 arrival, released at 0900.
Type: Structure fire
Size: Second alarm
Jurisdiction: SC County Fire (Cupertino's Area)
Location: 10620 Johansen Ave., Cupertino

Details: Single-story, single-family dwelling. Substantially involved upon arrival of first engine. SJS Engine 15 (first-due, auto-aid) arrived first, deployed two 1-3/4 and one 2-1/2 inch lines. CNT Engine 1, second-due, arrived almost at the same time, dropped a 5" supply line coming in and connected it to Engine 15. Each then stretched an additional 2-1/2 to cover exposures. The house was totally burned out. One elderly X made it out without serious injury. The other victim, a male, did not get out.

Units in attendance:

SJS: E-13
CNT: E-1, E-2, E-7, T-1, T-14, R-17, P-1, BS-2, HM-2, Batt. 2 (B/C Vega) (IC), Batt. 14
Responding FASCV Members: Haag (driver)
Fire Support Unit Responding: FSU-1

Remarks: One firefighter remarked that we are the unit he most likes to see at a fire (other than chopper 106, if it's a grass fire)

A SJ Merc-News story can be read at this link: Paralyzed Veteran Dies In Fire