Sunday, December 13, 2009

December 12, 2009 -- 2nd-Alarm Response in Sunnyvale

On December 12, at a little after 8:00 P.M., the Sunnyvale Department of Pubic Safety called for Fire Associates' support. The call was for a 2nd-alarm fire burning in a single-family residence at 731 Shasta Fir Drive. Bob Gundrum responded in Support Unit 1. He was joined on scene by Jerry Haag, Ron Green, Len Williams and guest, Dan Wong. Jerry has provided this report:

Date: 12 Dec. 2009
Time: 1915 initial fire dispatch, 2002 Sonitrol dispatch, 2005 arrival, released at 2200.
Type: Structure fire
Size: Second alarm
Jurisdiction: Sunnyvale
Location: 731 Shasta Fir Dr.

Details: Single-story dwelling. Engine 2 first on scene on A side. Engine 4 covered C side from Sequoia Drive. Ultimately, E-2 supplied six handlines and a 5" supply to Truck 1's elevated master stream. Two persons and a dog displaced.

Units in attendance:
SNY: E-1, 2, 3, 4, 30, 40; T-1, 2; R-2; Med-7; and Batt. 3 (Pitts)
MTV and SNC provided station coverage.

Responding Members: Gundrum (driver), Green, Haag, Williams, Wong (guest)
Fire Support Unit Responding: FSU-1

Remarks: It was a cold, rainy night.

Interesting addendum to this story from Len Williams:

Sunnyvale responded around 4:45 or 5:00 a.m. today (Tues., Dec. 15) to a re-kindle on the 2nd-alarm house fire from Sat. night.

I talked to Bob Gundrum a few minutes ago, and he said that the house had
steel shingles, put on over the original wood shingle roof. No wonder it
was such a hot fire!

The re-kindle didn't amount to much, since Engine 2 was going back in
service around 1/2 hr. later when I got up.