Friday, July 2, 2010

June 30, 2010 -- SJFD Rescue Effort in Alum Rock Park

On Wednesday, June 30, SJFD called Fire Associates for a rescue in Alum Rock Park in the East San Jose foothills. Responding in FSU #2 was John Whiteside who was met by Don Gilbert, Ron Green, and George Hoyt. The event began at 1130, we were paged at 1341. Whiteside responded with Unit 2 at 1420 from Sta 6 and was released at about 1700. John picked up 35 meals from Togos. If an alarm level ws assigned to this incident, a 2nd is appropriate considering the number of engines, truck, USAR and personnel there. CalFire copter 901 did a short haul to pick up the uninjured hiker that slid far down a hillside. Access was difficult.

After telephoning SJ Fire Dispatch for the meal information, Whiteside met Don Gilbert at Togos to pick up food, then went to the park where Ron Green was waiting and George Hoyt arrived later. Park access was via Penitencia Creek Road. The command post was in a large parking lot in front of the Youth Science Institute.

After several hours and attempts to reach the hiker, CalFire was contacted for Copter 901 to do a short haul extraction. Loose shale rocks made the rescue attempt more dangerous to both the rescuers and victim. SJ Search & Rescue rigs and personnel also were on scene, along with many SJ Park Rangers.

After the rescue, as C901 was being refueled, we were asked to pack up 10 sets of meals for the copter crew as fires were starting in the Bay area and they probably would be dispatched. Sure enough, a South San Jose Tier 1 fire popped up off Silver Creek Valley Road near the Country Club and it had the copter, SJ and CalFire ground units occupied.

-- Reported by John Whiteside