Sunday, October 3, 2010

October 3, 2010 -- 3-Alarm Fire Causes Response for Santa Clara City Fire

On Sunday afternoon, Oct. 3, the Santa Clara City Fire Dept. called for Fire Associates' assistance at a 3-alarm fire. Bob Gundrum responded in Fire Support Unit 1 to the location at 535 Saratoga Ave. Bob has submitted the following report:

Date: 3 October 2010
Time:  1251 Hrs - 2nd alarm struck, 1320 Hrs - On scene, 1535 Hrs - Released
Type:  Structure Fire
Level: Third Alarm (for city coverage)
Jurisdiction:  Santa Clara City
Location:  535 Saratoga Ave.

Details:  Saratoga Manor Apartments; 16-unit apartment (w/shake shingle roof).

Responding Apparatus:
SNC: E-4 (8 lines connected - 7 lines pumped at front), E-9 (1 line pumped at rear); E-1, 3, 6, 7, 10; R-2 (as HM9); T-2, 10; Batt. 1 (Capt. McDowell)
Responding Members: Bob Gundrum (driver), Jerry Haag, George Hoyt, Ron Green. Bruce Dembecki and Len Williams
Fire Support Unit Responding:  FSU-1

Remarks:  Appeared to be an attic fire on the 2nd floor, "D" side.  Severe water/smoke damage to units on 1st floor.  Exposure on the "D" side had a composition roof, there was minor damage from radiant heat exposure - melted plastic lamp covers, cracked & broken glass, blistered paint, & scorched vegetation, but no fire extension.
-- Submitted by: B. Gundrum
-- Accompanying photos by Bruce Dembecki