Tuesday, May 31, 2011

San Jose Fire Dept. Responds to Mobile Home Fire

On May 31, in San Jose, the fire call came in shortly after 1100. A double-wide mobile home at 1373 Sunbeam Circle (cross of Sunshade Lane) was on fire. Engine 16 was in the area of Story and King and subsequently reported,Smoke showing!"  The address, in a mobile home park, backed up against the high sound wall of the Story Road/Hwy 101 intersection.

The alarm level was a full-first, plus special call units. FASCV member, John Whiteside, was monitoring the call and the Safety Officer soon suggested Fire Associates be dispatched due to the amount of overhaul (and I assume being near lunch time). Whiteside then notified our answering service that he would take FSU-3 and to put out the page once San Jose requested us with the correct address.  

The San Jose Fire Dept. ordered and picked up 45 lunches and we supported with tables, benches, Clif Bars and drinks. FSU-3 departed Station 35 at 1133 and arrived back at 1440.
There were at least 3 AMR rig requests; for a fire fighter, a Red Cross rep with breathing problems, and stand-by. Along with with John Whiteside were FASCV members Bruce Dembecki, George Hoyt, Dan Wong and Mike Chappell.
-- Submitted by John Whiteside