Friday, December 30, 2011

"The Embers" Typo Corrected Here

There was an error in our January 2012 edition of The Embers newsletter. A typo appeared in the RSVP contact e-mail address for the Santa Clara County Fire Dept. firefighters retirement dinner. To make certain that you get all the correct information, the article has been reprinted here, in its entirety:
IAFF Local 1165, Santa Clara County Firefighters, is holding a retirement dinner on 1/28/12 at the Hyatt Place Hotel (adjacent to San Jose Convention Center) for 37 firefighters who have retired over recent months. For information and reservations, go to We've known many of these retirees since they began their careers.

Tony Balsa; Tim Baughman; John Becker; Graesson Berbano; Steve Black; Todd Bruce; Tom Buchan; Manuel Burns; Melanie Chase; Kevin Dennis; Patty Doler; Steve Franklin; Vincent Fung; Jim Galbo; Marsha Hovey; Craig Jessup; Randy Jones; Karen Kuns; Todd Lamert; Clark Mauel; Teresa Meisenbach; Bill Morrison; Mark Nadvornik; Don Olson; Hal Rooney; Kelly Seitz; Steve Stockman; Rick Stoker; Jim Swanson; Bill Sylvester; Nick Valdez; Monique Vandenberg; Wes Vanosdol; Joe Virarnontez; Ken Waldvogel; Ian Wallace and Charles Witmer.