Monday, January 9, 2012

San Jose Senior Center Fire Goes to 3 Alarms

At 0207 hours on January 9, John Whiteside heard an annoying buzzing sound and soon realized it was his fire pager for San Jose Fire Dept. assistance. San Jose had a 3rd alarm structure fire and needed a Fire Support Unit on scene for fire fighter rehabilitation. John notified Sonitrol, our paging service, and started toward Fire Station 6 to drive FSU-2. He departed the station at 0250 and was soon on scene. A 9-unit, 2-story condo was ablaze within a large retirement community near Capitol Expressway and Alum Rock Avenue, the fire building being 2645 Madden Avenue, cross of Alexander Avenue.

SJ Engine 5 had just been designated asRehab when John advised SJ Fire by radio that he was at Staging, and E5 advised to follow them in. Due to congestion, they had to park about ½ block out. E5s crew helped transport necessary supplies to the Rehab area, next to the Clubhouse. The Clubhouse interior was being used as a processing center for the displaced occupants. The firefighters were being Rehabed outside on the patio under a semi-permanent tent. It was convenient since there were lights, tables and chairs, restrooms, potable water and electric outlets for hot liquid preparation. The morning temperature was just above freezing. Firefighters assisted in making coffee as John waswalking in the last of the supplies. The Red Cross made arrangements for the displaced residents. Five occupants were taken to hospitals for observation and treatment.

A very good fire stop was made by SJFD and only 4 units were burned. John returned FSU #2 to Sta 6 at 0630 hours.
-- Report Submitted by John Whiteside