Thursday, April 5, 2012

Fire Associates Honored By Sunnyvale Department of Public Safety

Sunnyvale Deputy Chief James Bouziane presents the
Department's "Certificate of Recognition" to
President Bob Gundrum
At the most-recent Fire Associates of Santa Clara Valley monthly meeting, the organization was honored to receive an award from the Sunnyvale Department of Public Safety (DPS).

As FASCV members arrived at the April 5th meeting, they quickly noticed that the meeting room was already full of officers from the Sunnyvale DPS. Our organization was out-numbered and it became obvious that something was a-foot!

President Bob Gundrum called the meeting to order and soon introduced Acting Battalion Chief, Anthony "AJ" Berrien. Berrien explained that the purpose of the large DPS turnout was to say "Thank You" to the Fire Associates for their dedication to serving not only the Sunnyvale DPS, but all the fire departments in Santa Clara County. AJ pointed out that the Fire Associates went about their task in a professional and knowledgeable manner. He said that Incident Commanders never have to worry that the rehab operation was going to run smoothly when the FASCV members were on scene.

AJ then introduced Field Training Officer Mike Lecy and explained that it was Lecy who started the ball rolling to honor FASCV members. Mike spoke to the organization and gave his personal thanks for all the hot coffee in the middle of the night, or the cold beverages on a hot, summer day.

It was then time to make a presentation and AJ introduced Deputy Chief James Bouziane, who was filling in for Department Chief Frank Grgurina. Grgurina was not able to be in attendance. Dep. Cheif Bouziane also added his appreciation for the work that the FASCV does at a fire scene. He explained that he learned of FASCV's work soon after he joined the department and has been grateful ever since.

The award was then announced - The Sunnyvale Department of Public Safety's "Certificate of Recognition". The certificate was presented by Deputy Chief Bouziane to FASCV President Bob Gundrum, who accepted on behalf of the group's hardworking members. The certificate reads, "To FASCV for your invaluable support and continued efforts through the years in providing essential nutrition and hydration at structure fire rehabilitation stations."

Fire Associates members who were in attendance were appreciative of the recognition and humbled by the large turnout of Sunnyvale DPS officers.