Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Two San Jose Homes Burn In 4-Alarm Fire

On May 30 at 1449 hours, Fire Associates received a page to a three-alarm fire at 1948 Conifer Lane, north of Cropley Avenue in northeast San Jose. A two-story house was burning; quick second and third alarms were initiated as exposures on both sides were threatened, and one adjacent house ignited. During this time, a fourth alarm was requested, which brought a mutual aid alarm assignment from the City of Santa Clara.
John Whiteside responded to the page with Fire Support Unit (FSU) #3. Don Gilbert, who was near FSU #2’s quarters, heard the dispatches and upon hearing the fourth alarm, responded with FSU #2. John advised Jerry Haag, FA’s Vice President via amateur radio, that both south area’s FSUs were going. Jerry decided to cover FSU #1 in case it would be needed elsewhere in the county.
Don, being closer, arrived on scene with FSU #2 shortly before #3, and was met by George Hoyt. FSU #2’s equipment was used to support fire fighter rehab efforts. Dan Wong and guest Walter Huber arrived and assisted Don and John. Iced Gatorade, water and lemonade was served along with CLIF bars. John picked up 40 meals (burritos from Baja Fresh) to feed the remaining on-scene fire personnel. Fire Associates were released at 1935 hours. One SJFD fire fighter suffered minor burns, was transported to a local hospital for treatment and released.

-- Report submitted by John Whiteside