Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Milpitas Kitchen Fire Causes Fire Associates Response

It was Tuesday morning, October 2, when the Milpitas Fire Department put out a request for Fire Associates. Located at 456 N Abbott Avenue, an apparent stove top fire had spread into the kitchen cabinets and up into the attic space. Don Gilbert responded to the 10:12 A.M. call in Fire Support Unit 2. He was joined on scene by FASCV member Dan Wong.

Don reported that the fire probably would have stayed at a single alarm had it not been for the very warm weather. The Santa Clara Valley has been going through a spell of very hot weather and temperatures were climbing as the sun rose in the sky on this early Fall morning. Fire crews were hot and tired when cold water and Gatorade were provided in the Rehab area. Milpitas and Fremont fire crews were on hand to attack the 2-alarm blaze.