Sunday, February 16, 2014

Repeat Visit To Fire at Sunnyvale Address

Date and Time: Sunday, 02-16-2013, 1:15 A.M.
Agency: Sunnyvale Public Safety
Incident Address: 777 Dunkerdene Way, Sunnyvale
Type: Second Alarm
Details: Fire in single-story, single-family dwelling under construction. If this address seems familiar, this was the third fire at this address in last two years. The previous fires were on July 2, 2013 and Feb. 23, 2012. Light rain forced use of a pop-up canopy. Fire personnel under Rehabilitation and Medical Surveillance had a dry place to sit.
Agency Responders:
SNY: E-41, 42, 43, 44, 244, 45; T-41, 42; R-42; XSC Med 33; Batt. 2 (IC-Rushmeyer)
MTV: Station fill
FASCV Responding Units: FSU-1. Released: 5:15 A.M.
FASCV Responders: Jerry Haag (driver), Dan Wong, and Mike Garcia (guest).
-- Report submitted by Jerry Haag