Sunday, March 16, 2014

Mountain View Firefighters Attack 2-Alarm Blaze

On Sunday, March 16, the Mountain View Fire Dept. responded to reports of a house on fire at 175 Wortham Court, Mountain View. Firefighters arrived on scene at 2:50 P.M. and found a single home with active fire in a significant portion of the residence.  A fire attack was initiated and, at 2:55 P.M., a 2nd alarm was called to bring additional resources and personnel to assist in fighting the fire. The fire did extend to one of the neighboring houses during the incident.
Fire Associates President Jerry Haag was monitoring the situation and upon receiving the 2nd alarm notification responded at 3:06 P.M. to pick up Fire Support Unit 1. FSU-1 was met on scene by Fire Associates members Larry Carr, Bruce Dembecki, and Dan Wong, along with guest Janet DiPietro. Also joining the Fire Associates team for the first time (in an official capacity) was FASCV member, Mike Garcia - congratulations to Mike on his recent appointment to Fire Associates.
On a warm afternoon, with firefighters busy working on two separate homes, cold drinks and wet towels were popular - and ice ended up being in short supply. Dan Wong made an ice run and the problem was solved. As afternoon turned to evening, thoughts of dinner started to come into the minds of weary fire crews. Another side trip for Dan and voila... 40 meals were served!
Fire Support Unit 1 left the scene at approximately 6:45 P.M. and headed back to Santa Clara Fire Station 9. As the Fire Associates were busy cleaning and restocking the rig, Santa Clara County fire crews began working a fire in Los Gatos that ultimately led to a second response for the day.

-- Report submitted by Bruce Dembecki