Monday, June 16, 2014

Tier 3 Vegetation Fire In San Jose Challenges Firefighters

Photo By John Whitaker
Date:  Monday, 6-16-2014
Agency: San Jose Fire
Address: Kelly Park, Parking Lot area; near Phelan Ave. at Senter Rd. intersection.
Type: Tier 3 Vegetation Fire
Details: Fire involved approximately 2 acres of grass and light brush along Coyote Creek, east of the History Park area at Kelly Park. It apparently was started accidentally when heat from a contractor's truck ignited the tanbark or mulch it was unloading. The fire quickly spread to the surrounding dry grass. A Calk Fire medium response was initiated on the Tier 3 alarm, but all but a few units were cancelled en route. Copter 106 was also on scene, but it, too, was released after a couple of fly-by reconnaissance laps.
FASCV Unit: FSU-2 (Gilbert, driver) and FSU-3 (J. Whiteside, driver; R. Whiteside, passenger)
Other FASCV Responders: George Hoyt and John Whitaker
-- Report submitted by John Whitaker