Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Firefighters Battle 2-Alarm Fire in Mountain View

At 19:20 hrs a fire occurred at 211 Elmwood in Mountain View. Older (can you spell "balloon construction") single-story, single-family dwelling, initially reported as smoke in structure.  While looking for source of smoke (pulling ceiling) it was determined that there was fore above & below the crews. An evacuation order was issued and defensive attack developed.  One or two additional engines requested, then IC requested that dispatch fill the complete 2nd alarm.
1st alarm:
            E51 - R51 - T51 - E53 - E55 & BC 51 (Batt Chief Custodo)
2nd alarm:
            E52 - E54 - T56 (MOF), BS64 (PAF) & BC66 (PAF) + 18A2 (Dep. Chief Juan Diaz)
Fire Associates:
            FSU-1 - Mike Garcia, Bob Gundrum, Jerry Haag, Len Williams & Dan Wong

-- Report submitted by Bob Gundrum