Thursday, August 28, 2014

Medical Emergency -- FSU-2 Proved to Be In the Right Place at the Right Time!

While en route to a large vegetation fire on Highway 152, FSU-2 was approaching the Pacheco Fire Station when reports came of a medical emergency at the fire station. With fire resources in the area tied up with the 80 acre fire, and the freeway closed in both directions, it was unclear to anyone how there could be someone at the Pacheco Fire Station -- at all.  Faced with this challenge, Fire commanders were trying to work out how to find a resource to respond. Getting an ambulance to the scene was also a challenge due to the traffic on Highway 152 being at a complete stand still for miles.
As the closest unit of any type, FSU-2 diverted to the Pacheco Fire Station to confirm if there was an actual emergency there. Meanwhile, the IC at the nearby Casa incident worked to free up a Type 1 engine to respond.
Upon arrival of FSU-2, with Fire Associates members Bruce Dembecki and John Whiteside on board, it was discovered there was indeed a patient at the Fire Station who was with a disabled vehicle that had been parked at the fire station for several hours waiting for help. The patient was diabetic and was beginning to experience problems without access to food for an extended period. With confirmation there was a patient, Casa IC was able to release an engine to respond to the medical incident.
As it turned out, FSU-2 was exactly the right unit to attach to the incident, as Bruce and John were able to provide the patient with Gatorade and Clif Bars to prevent the onset of a diabetic incident. Bruce and John stayed with the patient until South County Engine 67 could be freed up and make its way to the Fire Station. Upon the arrival of Engine 67, Fire Associates team members did a brief patient hand-off with the Engine crew, and then continued on their way to the fire.

-- Report submitted by Bruce Dembecki