Saturday, July 18, 2015

As With Many Things -- It's Location, Location, Location!

With California suffering the worst drought anyone can remember, everyone is forced to make changes in how they do things. For example, we like to keep our rigs clean. But the image of one of our rigs on the apron of a fire station being washed seems like it would cause problems for our fire department hosts. As a result, we took Fire Support Unit 2 out today to find a hand wash facility that recycles their water…
So, on July 18, while out and about working on our rig, a call came across the radio for a house on fire at 1896 Biscayne Way in San Jose. Having just been washed, and only being two freeway exits away, Fire Support Unit 2 attached to the incident, arriving shortly after the first-in Engine 16. The single-story home was burning inside and out!
Police officers who first came across the burning home rushed in to find the residents thoroughly engrossed in a televised sports event and completely unaware that the structure was on fire. Fortunately, the police officers were able to affect a rescue and evacuate the home.
Engine 16 got a quick knock down on the fire, and FASCV member Bruce Dembecki set up a hydration station outside the residence. While a Full First Alarm fire is somewhat smaller than most incidents Fire Associates responds to, the cold drinks were well appreciated on a warm summer afternoon.
-- Report submitted by Bruce Dembecki