Wednesday, September 9, 2015

San Jose Firefighters Attack Tier 2 Fire In Coyote Creek

Photo By Craig Allyn Rose
Wednesday, September 9, was a VERY hot day in San Jose. At approximately 7:00 P.M., San Jose Fire dispatched a Tier 1 response to a vegetation fire located at 1358 Oakland Road, near Gish Road. To the rear of the Riverbend Mobile Home Park, a fire had started in Coyote Creek. It quickly spread south and across the creek which requiring the incident to be upgraded to a Tier 2 response. The additional fire units were directed to a location at Hazlett Way (Sierra Road) and Notting Hill Drive -- across the creek on the east side of the San Jose Municipal Golf Course.
At the dispatch of the Tier 2, Bob Gundrum sent out a “Heads Up” page to all FASCV drivers. John Whiteside called San Jose Dispatch to inquire if Fire Associates would be requested and the answer was "YES!", due to the heat. In fact, Dispatchers were just preparing to issue the request. John met Don Gilbert at Station 6 and they took Fire Support Unit 2 to the scene -- assigned to the east side. Upon arrival, they found several 5-inch hose lines were being used to supply various engines and brush patrols with some engines using their Stang monitor to hit areas that were ablaze. After providing Rehab services to many hot and thirsty firefighters, John and Don were released at 11:00 P.M.  
As a follow-up to this report, many trees had become involved and for safety reasons it was decided to wait for daylight before attempting to fall them. Crews were rotated throughout the night for fire watch. As Thursday morning began to dawn, tree fallers were on the job with at least 15 trees marked for falling due to their burned-out condition. Fire crews were on scene to extinguish the trees as they fell. News reports pegged the fire at 7 acres in size.
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-- Report submitted by John Whiteside