Sunday, August 7, 2016

FASCV Responds to South County Fire

SCC (South Santa Clara County Fire District) residential fire, 14119 Murphy Avenue - north of San Martin Avenue.  FSU-3 with John Whiteside and Bill Roth.

Approx. 24 engines/water tenders/truck plus dozer and Copter 106 on scene. Burned cars, greenhouses, barn, several residences, and spreading into the grass requiring structure protection on the property of a wholesale nursery. A large natural gas line was afire and venting, requiring PG&E to dig and pinch-off the line to extinguish the last of the fire. FASCV released at 2350.

Because of the Hwy 101 repaving (I had forgotten about) it took almost 1 hour coming home at midnight to go from Cochran to Bailey. ALL 3 lanes were creeping along, backed up to Cochran, and forming a single lane south of Bailey.
-- Report submitted by John Whiteside