Saturday, March 11, 2017

3rd Alarm Hazmat Incident In Palo Alto

Date:  March 11, 2017
Requesting Agency: Palo Alto Fire
Type: Third alarm hospital building hazardous material fire
Incident Location: 300 Pasteur Ave., Palo Alto
Details: Fire was in a room containing hazardous material at the Stanford Medical School, Edwards Building. The fire was reduced by the sprinkler system, but required fire responders to use chemical fire extinguishers to completely extinguish the fire when there was a chemical reaction to the water initially used.  
Responding Fire Agencies: Palo Alto (PAF), Sunnyvale (SNY), Moffett Field (MOF), Santa Clara County (CNT), Menlo Park (MPK), and Santa Clara (SNC).
FASCV Response:
Larry Carr, Mike Garcia, Walter Huber, and Dan Wong with FSU-1 and FSU-4
Report submitted by Larry Carr