Sunday, August 26, 2007

August 26, 2007 -- San Jose 4-alarm Warehouse Response

On Sunday, 26 August, at approximately 1:00 AM,
Don Gilbert responded in Support Unit #2 to a four-alarm fire at 1060 N. Fifth St., near San Jose's Japantown. Waiting for him at the fire scene was John Whitaker who assisted in setting up the rehab area in a nearby parking lot. The fire consumed a business called "So-Lite" - a manufacturer of lightweight roof tile. Clicking on the photo above will play John's low-resolution video of the fire scene.

The fire was declared under control at 3:40 A.M. and Don and John returned home at approximately 4:30 A.M. John's photos can be viewed at this link: SJS - Warehouse Fire. More detailed news about the incident can be read at this link to the San Jose Mercury News.

-- Information provided by John Whitaker and the San Jose Mercury News