Monday, August 6, 2007

August 3, 2007 -- Voluntary Sunnyvale Response

At approximately 19:20 Friday evening, Bob Gundrum and Paula Holcomb voluntarily responded
to a fire at 550 East Remington (cross street of Azura) in Sunnyvale. Bob has provided
the following report:

"The Sunnyvale incident was a fire at the Sunnyvale Community Center - Ceramic Arts
Building. The kiln was in operation and caused a fire between the roof & false roof.
The exterior roof was made of steel and there were no sprinklers in the void, and the
outer roof was beginning to sag from heat damage and the crews were pulled off the
roof and sent inside to assist in pulling the ceiling. During this time SNY was very
busy with other incidents and requested mutual aid cover from both MTV & SNC.

Paula & I had responded to SNC Station 9 to await the 2nd alarm. When there had been
no 2nd alarm requested and dispatch advised that they were 40 minutes into the event,
we contacted SNY dispatch offering a voluntary response (the time of the alarm would
have interrupted the dinner of the personnel on the scene). Upon arrival we
immediately offered Gatorade & Cliff Bars (we dispensed 1 ½ boxes), which were inhaled
by those in rehab. Jerry Haag also responded and we were released within 45 minutes
of responding.

Of interest is that the IC - Capt. Carrion, fought a fire under the same
circumstances about 10 years ago, at the same location, while assigned to Eng. 4."