Wednesday, October 28, 2009

October 28, 2009 -- 3rd-Alarm Response into Sunnyvale

On Wednesday morning, Oct. 28, a 2nd-alarm fire in Sunnyvale drew the attention on FASCV member Jerry Haag. Jerry had been listening on his scanner and self-dispatched to the incident with Support Unit 1 prior to Sunnyvale's request for our assistance. The fire eventually went to a 3rd alarm. Jerry has written the following report...

Date: 28 Oct. 2009
Time: 0715 Self-dispatch on second alarm, 0751 Sonitrol dispatch, 0800 arrival, released at 1300.
Type: Structure fire
Size: Third alarm
Jurisdiction: City of Sunnyvale
Location: 366 W. Olive St.

Details: Two-story, 16-unit apartment building in a complex of 8 similar buildings. Fire started on the first floor, spread to second floor and attic. Given the advanced stage of the fire on arrival of first engine, a good stop was made. Direct fire damage to only 4 or 5 units with smoke and water damage to 3 or 4 more. Hand-line attack was made by E-1. E-2 operated a deck gun. Mountain View T-1 operated an elevated master stream from an adjoining parking lot supplied by SNY E-5. Engineer estimated 1000 gpm flow to the pipe. He was carrying 240 psi discharge pressure (that's why we buy 1500 gpm engines).

Units in attendance:
SNY: E-1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 30, 40, Reserve 1, T-1, R-2, Med-7, IC was Carrion
MTV: T-1
CNT: E-1
SNC: E-7, T-8

Responding Members: Haag (driver), Holcomb, Hoyt
Fire Support Unit Responding: FSU-1