Friday, March 12, 2010

March 10, 2010 -- A Two-Response Day for Fire Associates

Response #1 - Special Call for Hazmat Incident

A little before Noon on Wed., Mar. 10, Santa Clara Fire had a Hazmat incident at the De Anza College swim center. Jerry Haag responded in Support Unit 1 and was joined by Ron Green. Jerry has submitted this brief report:

Special Call -- 11:54 A.M., 10 Mar. 2010
Stelling Rd. & Pepper Tree Lane

DeAnza College Swimming Pool

Hazardous Material (Chlorine) Incident

Fire Support Unit 1, Haag and Green

Response #2 - 4-Alarm Fire in City of Santa Clara

Only 50 minutes later, Santa Clara City Fire paged Fire Associates for help in their city. At 12:41 P.M., our services were requested at 705 Reed Street. If that address seems familiar, it should. This is the site of ECS Refining -- where we have responded three times in the last 3 years. Responding for Fire Associates in Support Unit 2 was John Whiteside. He has submitted the following report:

March 10, Santa Clara 4th alarm on Reed, cross of Lafayette. Electronic recycling facility. Heavy black smoke seen readily from South San Jose.
With FSU #1 already committed to County Fire's DeAnza College’s HazMat incident, I confirmed via phone with Jerry and said FSU #2 would handle this call. At 1315 hrs., Bruce Dembecki and I took Support Unit 2 and were met on scene by Bob Gundrum, Mike Chappell, Rick James and George Hoyt.

We set up and provided cool liquids and CLIF bars. A few hours later, FSU #1 (with Jerry Haag and Ron Green) arrived from the DeAnza call. SNC provided Togo's sandwiches about 1630 and those of us who had had no lunch really enjoyed them.
San Jose Fire and County Fire units were on scene.

A fourth alarm was called and staged at SNC's Station 2 for city coverage. They were mostly County rigs with either SVL or MTV providing one truck.