Thursday, June 24, 2010

Latest Support Unit Update

Back in April of this year, Fire Associates announced in this blog the purchase of our latest support unit. As a refresher, it is a 1997 GMC/Isuzu that once served as a fire/rescue truck. And, although the vehicle is 13 years old, it amazingly only has 4,650 miles on the odometer.

During the last few months, the vehicle has undergone some major modifications at the hands of our Fleet Manager, Don Gilbert. Don has installed a 60-gallon, potable water tank and pump; installed a 5000W Honda generator; repaired interior compartment lighting, and replaced the red lightbar lenses with amber lenses.

However, the latest modification is the most obvious. New FASCV identification lettering and graphics have been applied. It took a lot of elbow grease to remove some of the old, sun-baked lettering to get the vehicle ready for the transformation. Recently, Brian Tran of Tru Color Signs in San Jose, applied the FASCV-specific lettering.

Additionally, the FASCV Board has decided that this rig will go into service in our north county territory -- operating as Support Unit 1 out of Santa Clara City Fire's Station 9. The Ford F-350 now at Station 9 will be moved to San Jose and replace our reserve 1981 Dodge as Support Unit 3. When details of the move are finalized with the San Jose Fire Dept., it will mean that our organization, for the first time, will have three primary response units!

Thank you to all the firefighters who regularly contribute funds to our cause. It is this funding, along with donations from some FASCV members, that has made this purchase possible. Take a look at the following photos and stay tuned for further announcements.