Thursday, September 30, 2010

September 29, 2010 - Tier 2 Response for San Jose Grass Fire

On Wednesday afternoon, Fire Associates responded to a Tier 2 grass fire burning along Malech Rd. at the south end of the Santa Clara Valley.  John Whiteside responded in Support Unit 2 and was joined on scene by Mike Chappell and George Hoyt on another very-hot, early-autumn day. John has submitted the following report:

This fire resulted in a SJS Tier 2 dispatch plus a full Cal Fire response with a tanker drop or two. Incident was located near Malech Rd., north of Bailey Ave., south of Metcalf Rd. and east of Hwy 101.  Total of 17 acres.

Since it was only a Tier 2 fire, I called SJS Dispatch based on the high temperature and they said, "GO!" When I called our answering service, they said San Jose had just called them for us to respond. As I was arriving at Station 6, I got a page from Cal Fire and they also wanted us to respond. Turned out to be a Cal Fire responsibility. Almost all the Cal Fire units stopped by our Rehab for drinks and Clif Bars. One camp-crew inmate was transported due to heat exhaustion; he had not eaten all day! We received many thanks for coming.
-- Photo from SJ Mercury News by R Wesley Van Osdol