Monday, September 13, 2010

September 7, 2010 -- 3rd Alarm Response in Santa Clara

At 6:30 PM on Tuesday, Sept. 8, Fire Associates responded to a 3rd-alarm fire in the City of Santa Clara. Responding in Support Unit 1 was Bob Gundrum. Bob has issued the following report:

Date:  07 September 2010
Time: 1832 Hrs - dispatched by Sonitrol
Type: Structure Fire - 2 story, 8 unit occupancy
Alarm Level:  3rd alarm (for city coverage)
Jurisdiction:  City of Santa Clara
Location:  856 Monroe

Details: Fire in the 2nd story, of multiple occupancy (8 unit <4 per floor>).  Structure was perpendicular to the street with fire in 3rd unit from street.  Upon arrival two columns of heavy black smoke were seen rising from both "B" & "D" sides of structure.  Smoke was along complete balcony approximately 5' above floor.  Upon arrival at involved unit, about 1/3 of front door had been burned through.  All other units on 2nd floor appeared to be vacant.  Fire did enter attic, where it was held in check by fire stops.

Responding Members: Gundrum (Driver), Wagner, Haag and Whitaker.

Fire Support Unit Responding: FSU #1

Remarks:  FSU #1 was approximately 4 blocks from scene when SNC Fire Dispatch advised we had been cancelled by IC.  We continued to scene and exhausted one ice chest of water & Gatorade plus 1/2 box (12 Cliff Bars).  So much for being cancelled!!!!! At one point, until 3rd alarm was struck, E-9 was the only SNC unit in the city not on assignment.

Submitted by:  B. Gundrum