Monday, November 1, 2010

Early Morning 4-Alarm Industrial Fire in San Jose

Date:  01 November 2010
Time:  0309 Sonitrol page; 0730 Release
Type:  Structure
Size:  4 Alarms
Jurisdiction:  San Jose
Location:  1030 N. 10th St.

Details:  Three, Single-story, Non-sprinklered Industrial Buildings
Remarks:  Engine 5 first in. Fire in the rear of 1030 N. 10th St. had spread to buildings on either side. Pulled two 2-1/2" and two 1-3/4" handlines and laid own water supply line. As response progressed, two aerial ladders were used on the "A" side (T-29 and T-2) and one on the "C" side (T-1). Occupancies were Premium Plating at 1026 N. 10th St., El Savoy Club at 1030 N. 10th St. and San Jose Metals at 1032 N. 10th St.

SJS Units in Attendance:  Engines-5, 6; Trucks-1, 2, 29; and others. IC was Batt. Chief Cabral
Responding Members:  Don Gilbert (driver), Jerry Haag, Bruce Dembecki, Dan Wong and Mike Chappell
Fire Support Unit Responding:  FSU-2

    -- Report Submitted by:  J. Haag
    -- Accompanying Photo by:  Bruce Dembecki