Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Fire Support Unit 3 Has A New Home

Fire Associates is very pleased to announce that Fire Support Unit 3 is now in service at SJFD Station 35. The custom-built, 1989 Ford F-350 is located in an apparatus bay that was designed for a future Battalion Chief. Until that assignment happens, we have been approved to occupy the space. The station's address is 135 Poughkeepsie Road - between Blossom Hill Road and Cottle Road.

This move is a milestone in the 41-year history of our organization. Now, for the very first time, we have 3 support units in front-line service at 3 different locations throughout Santa Clara County.

This has been a long process that began with the purchase of our very first brand new rig in 2009. Because that rig, a 2008 Ford F-550, is diesel-powered, it necessitated a move out of our long-time home at Station 26, to new quarters at Station 6. Station 6 had the required Nederman exhaust extraction equipment that Station 26 did not. Then, in 2010, we purchased another rig that became FSU-1, which is based in Santa Clara. The former FSU-1 then became FSU-3, and because of the Nederman requirement, it sat idle in a warehouse for a few months. Did you follow all that?

Now, within the last month, we received approval from the San Jose Fire Department to place FSU-3 into service at SJFD Station 35. The approval was made possible by the efforts of Retired Deputy Chief Dana Reed; Deputy Chief Joseph Carillo; and Apparatus Program Manager, Robert Culbertson.
  • To view photos of FSU-3 in it's new home, as well as photos of the relocation effort, go to this link:  FSU-3 at Station 35
Congratulations to all...

-- Accompanying photos by Bruce Dembecki