Thursday, July 21, 2011

Santa Teresa Grass Fire Is First Event of the Day

On Thursday, July 21, a late-morning grass fire caused San Jose Fire Dispatchers to call for Fire Associates help. The fire was located at Heaton Moor Dr. at the intersection with Bernal Rd. The Staging location was at the entrance to the Santa Teresa Golf Course on Bernal Rd. Instead of responding in Fire Support Unit 3 (which is usually housed near the fire's location), Don Gilbert responded in Support Unit 1, which happened to be in his driveway undergoing some upgrades. Support Unit 3 had been temporarily moved to Santa Clara.

Bob Gundrum has submitted the following report:

It was around 11:30 in the morning, FASCV was requested by SJFD as part of their Tier III, which included Cal-Fire.  Turns out the fire was just above some sort of waterway, which placed it in State Responsibility Area (SRA).  I did not hear all the dispatches, so I don't know all the equipment that was sent.  When I got there, no aircraft were being used - if ever used.  Do not remember when we were released, but it was the same time as the last SJFD unit.
I was there to return the FSU-3 to it's usual location and pick up FSU-1 which responded from Don's residence.
FASCV members in attendance were: Don Gilbert (driver), Mike Chappell, Herman DeKruyff, Bob Gundrum and George Hoyt.