Thursday, July 21, 2011

Second Fire of the Day Brings FASCV Response

Photo by Maureen Hunt - Special to The Morgan Hill Times
In the late afternoon on July 21, Fire Associates responded to its second fire of the day. The following report comes from John Whiteside:

This fire was a CAL FIRE State Response Area (SRA) fire within the South Santa Clara County Fire District, located at the end of Liberata Drive, off East Main Avenue, in North Morgan Hill. Voluntary response initiated by John Whiteside.

27 acres, mostly steep hillside, structures threatened. Multi-alarm, multi-agency, immediate need responses. FSU #3 with John Whiteside, Don Gilbert, George Hoyt, and Mike Chappell responding for FASCV. I consider it a 3rd alarm. There were 2 copters, 4 air tankers, at least 4 hand crews, being utilized.

After listening to the radio traffic, time of day, and the multiple agencies dispatched, I went to SJ Station 35, asked Morgan Hill if they wanted a Fire Support Unit, they answered with an emphatic “AFFIRMATIVE”, so I initiated the page. We departed Station 35 about 1745 and were released about 2220 after supporting the feeding of crews at the scene. Supply 1610 brought in 200 burritos. Due to a late morning brush fire in San Jose, some of the Cal Fire engine crews had not eaten since breakfast.