Monday, April 15, 2013

3-Alarm San Jose House Fire Results in 2 Fatalities

Photo By John Whitaker
Just before 9:00 P.M., on April 15, Fire Associates was called to a house fire in San Jose. Located at 949 S. Daniel Way, neighbors first reported the fire to the San Jose Fire Department shortly before 8:30 P.M. The first engine on scene reported flames showing from the "Charlie" side on the structure and additional flames rolling out the "Alpha" side door. Additionally, neighbors reported that the home was occupied by an elderly woman and her adult son -- and they were not present outside the structure.
As firefighters quickly attacked the blaze with multiple hose lines, truck companies were assigned to do a primary search. It was not long before the 95-year-old woman was found in a rear bedroom. Firefighters brought her out through a window and CPR was immediately started. Unfortunately, she could not be revived and was pronounced deceased on scene. The body of her son was found later in the night, still in the building. The double fatalities had a profound effect on all the emergency personnel on scene.
Photo By Craig Allyn Rose
Meanwhile, high winds threatened to spread the fire and a third alarm was called. Fire Associates was paged as part of the multi-alarm dispatch and John Whiteside responded with Fire Support Unit 2. He was met on scene by Jerry Haag, John Whitaker, Dan Wong, George Hoyt and Walter Huber (guest). A rehab area was quickly established and firefighters were provided with lots of hot coffee and nutrition bars on an unusually cold and windy April evening.
-- Report submitted by John Whitaker