Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Milpitas Fire Responds to Mid-day Apartment Blaze

Photo By John Whitaker
Date and Time: 04-23-2013, 1122 hours
Agency: Milpitas Fire
Incident Address:
428 Dempsey Rd., Milpitas
Type: Second alarm
Details: Two-story, garden apartment building. Fire on the second floor was well developed before arrival of first unit. Fire damage largely confined to unit of origin with minimal spread to adjacent apartment.
Agency Responders:
MLP: E-101, 201, 3; T-1, 4; USAR-1; XSC Medic-33; IC- Batt. 19 (Mihovich)
Fremont: Engine, Truck and B/C (released before /FASCV arrival)
SJS: Station coverage
FASCV Responding Units: FSU-1. Arrived: 1215, released: 1300 hours.
FASCV Responders: Ron Green (driver), Jerry Haag, John Whitaker, Dan Wong and Walter Huber (guest).

-- Report submitted by Jerry Haag