Wednesday, May 22, 2013

CalFire Joined San Jose Firefighters for Grassland Blaze

On May 22, just after 1130 hours, San Jose Fire asked Fire Associates to respond to a Tier 2 (2nd alarm) fast moving, wind-driven flatland grass fire at Singleton Road and Locke Drive, the site of an old sanitary landfill. CalFire support also was en route with engines, copter, and a dozer.
John Whiteside responded to SJ Station 35 to take Fire Support Unit #3 to the fire. He arrived on scene around 1200providing bottled water and Gatorade, plus Blueberry and CLIF bars. He was supported by George Hoyt, Dan Wong, and guest Walter Huber. 
The 7-acre fire threatened structures downwind but was stopped just short of them. John was released and returned to Station 35 by 1430 hours.  
-- Report submitted by John Whiteside