Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Second Grass Fire of the Day Keeps Firefighters and Fire Associates Busy

The second grass fire of the day occurred around 2100 hours in Hellyer Park. San Jose Fire dispatched a Tier 2 response, plus CalFire engine support, to Coyote Road and Continental Drive, to a fire along/in Coyote Creek. John Whiteside, monitoring the radio, contacted Don Gilbert and they responded with FSU #3 before the page request was received. They were assisted on-scene by George Hoyt, Dan Wong, and guest Walter Huber.
Bottled water, Gatorade and Blueberry and CLIF bars with coffee were welcomed by the crews, most of them the same responders from the earlier grass fire described in the previous blog item. One engine crew had not eaten all day so George picked up meals for the 4-man crew. FSU #3 returned to quarters just before midnight.
On Thursday, May 23, just after 1500 hours Don Gilbert respondedin FSU #2 to another San Jose Tier 2 grass fire in/along Coyote Creek at Brokaw Road and I-880. He was assisted by George Hoyt. The fire consumed about 2 acres and was miles from the Creek fire described earlier. CalFire sent a Hand Crew. FSU #2 returned to quarters about 1800 hours. 
-- Report submitted by John Whiteside