Saturday, June 1, 2013

Tier 2 San Jose Grass Fire Triggers FASCV Response

June 1 was forecasted to be the hottest day yet of this year, with temperatures possibly hitting 3 digits. So, it was not unexpected that just before noon, San Jose Fire dispatched units to a grass fire a block from Station 35 -- at Endicott and Great Oaks Parkway. The wind-swept fire escalated into a Tier 1, then Tier 2 (second alarm) response. 
Fire Associates was paged at 1208 hours and John Whiteside responded with Fire Support Unit #3, based at Station 35. This was FASCV's second call of the day. George Hoyt arrived to assist John. The fires spread was slowed downwind by a long concrete block wall surrounding industrial buildings. The responders worked to extinguish hot spots throughout the 4-acre burn area. FSU #3 was released at 1330 and returned to Station 35.
Because of the heat, John discussed the situation with SJFD's Med 30 and they decided to staff FSU #3 On Call for the remainder of the afternoon, with cool drinks ready, for additional grass fires sure to come. San Jose dispatch was advised of the FSU #3 standby.
-- Report submitted by John Whiteside