Saturday, June 22, 2013

Fires Burn Along Coyote Creek, Again

Photo By Craig Allyn Rose
On Saturday, June 22, at about 1630, San Jose Fire received multiple reports of a spreading brush fire in Coyote Creek, just north of Capital Expressway. In response, a Tier 1 was dispatched. Soon the fire jumped the 6-lane expressway southward into grassland on an old landfill. 
A separate Tier 1 was dispatched to the second fire. Due to burning treesCal Fire support was requested and a copter, 3 hand crews, and engines responded.
John Whiteside had been monitoring the fire radio and responded to SJ Station 35 to take Fire Support Unit #3, if requested. En route, at 1721, he was paged to respond
After arriving at the southern fire on Singleton Road, and setting up Rehab, SJ Med 30 asked if we could get another FSU to the northern fire. Don Gilbert responded with FSU #2 from SJ Station 6 to Tuers Road
George Hoyt and Dan Wong arrived to support. After the fires were contained, and controlled, George and Dan made two meal runs to pick up and deliver 90+ meals to the fire scenes. After the southern fire was controlled and crews fed, FSU #3 moved to the northern fire scene to assist FSU #2. Both units were released at 2230. Approximately ten acres burned.
-- Report submitted by John Whiteside