Saturday, June 1, 2013

Falling Tree Results in Multiple Victims and FASCV Response

On June 1, an unusual 4th dispatch of the day started with a 1917 hours page to respond to a very large, old tree that had suddenly fallen in a city park. The tree hit people in the park as it fell, trapped others in cars in the parking lot and wound up blocking a street.
John Whiteside was taking a well-deserved break and having a bite to eat, courtesy of the Station 35 crew, so Don Gilbert responded in FSU #2. Based at San Jose Station 6, the rig was already close to Willow Street at Camino Ramon, just a few blocks away from the station. John also responded with FSU #3. Other members on scene were George Hoyt, Dan Wong, and Bruce Dembecki. 
Santa Clara County Fire sent its USAR Task Force to assist San Joses USAR 34 group. Several victims were rescued and transported to hospitals. Both FSUs were released about 2045. 
The remainder of the day was quiet for Fire Associates! 
-- Report submitted by John Whiteside