Saturday, June 1, 2013

Fire Associates Paged to Another Grass Fire in San Jose

The 3rd dispatch of the day for Fire Associates came at 1529 hours on June 1. FASCV members were paged for a grass fire at Story Road and Remillard Court. John Whiteside responded from Station 35 in FSU #3 and was met by George Hoyt. 
The fire, as a result special calls, was the equivalent of a Tier 4 (fourth alarm), per the Incident Commander. CalFire Copter 106 was airborne in the area and assisted with water drops and deployment of its Helitack crew. Due to the location, water tenders, brush patrols and engines shuttled water into the fire area. Some rigs were dispatched across I-280 for access from the other side. 
This 5-acre fire was the 4th or 5th fire in the same field this year. FSU #3 was released at approximately 1830 and returned to Station 35. 
-- Report submitted by John Whiteside