Tuesday, February 21, 2017

FASCV Responds To Second Flood Area In San Jose

Date: Feb. 21, 2017
Dispatch: 16:13pm
Location: 1350 Oakland Road, San Jose
Type: Multiple Flood Rescues
FASCV Response: FSU-2, Gilbert, Whiteside and FSU-3 Dembecki
Released 20:45
After a busy morning and afternoon, San Jose Fire personnel were presented with continuing flood problems along the Coyote Creek. Having finished a search of the properties in the Nordale area and evacuating more than 200 people, San Jose Fire moved on to a series of problems at several mobile home parks along Oakland Road. Three parks were put under mandatory evacuation orders as the flood waters along the Coyote Creek threatened to overwhelm the barrier walls protecting the parks. Along with minor flooding, several people required rescue and removal by flood boat during the evacuation.
Fire Support Unit 2 along with drivers Don Gilbert and John Whiteside responded directly from the earlier incident, while Bruce Dembecki brought FSU 3 to the scene along with fresh supplies.
Fire Associates was tasked with acquiring and serving 65 meals… The local Togo’s closed their doors so they could work on meeting our needs. Meals were served to Fire, Police, Parks, and PG&E personnel involved in the evacuations. After dinner, the evacuations were completed and the parks were handed over to the PD to provide security.
FSU-2 and a weary John and Don were released at 20:45 and sent home after a long, long day. FSU-3 was dispatched to provide additional meals at a third flooding location.
Report submitted by Bruce Dembecki