Sunday, February 5, 2017

Los Gatos Condo Fire Goes to 2 Alarms

Date: Feb 5, 2017
Requesting Agency: County Fire (CNT).
Incident Location: Los Gatos, Unit 120k, at dead-end of College Terrace Court at College Ave. Near Main Street/Hwy 17, southwest of downtown, uphill above Hwy 17.
Type: 2-alarm; plus SJS for 2 engines, station coverage.
Details: Continuous rain, downhill walk into the scene at a Multi-unit condo structure fire with narrow street access. Fire unit at ground level, only feet from parked engines. Hydrant within complex. Per IC, we only provided water, Gatorade and CLIF bars. Fire in attic, thought to have originated from fireplace. Contained to single, end unit.
FASCV Response: FSU-2, John Whiteside (driver), Mike Garcia, Walter Huber, and guest Christian Sevilla. Departed SJS Station 6 at 19:20, released 20:40.
Report submitted by John Whiteside