Sunday, June 3, 2007

June 01, 2007 -- SJFD Tier-3 Response

Friday (June 01, 2007 @ 13:15) FASCV was paged to a Tier-3 grass fire in the Eastern foothills. The fire began at 2222 Terra Nova Lane, near the intersection of Nieman Blvd. and Yerba Buea Road in San Jose's Evergreen District.

John Whitaker responded in Support Unit 2, after first driving through the fire on the way to Station 26 to get the support unit. John was at home, near the fire scene, when the page went out and, as he drove over Yerba Buena Road on the way to the Hwy. 101 freeway, the fire crested the top of the hill along the shoulder of the roadway. Traffic stopped because of poor visibility just as Engine 21 arrived on the scene and requested police help to close the road. As traffic cleared, John made his way out of the smoke and returned with the support unit to the command post at the south end of Cadwallader Rd.

For complete information on this fire, go to this link in the San Jose Mercury-News. John's photos from the fire can bee seen at this link: Evergreen Tier-3

-- Thanks to the Blogmaster, John Whitaker, for this information