Friday, June 15, 2007

June 11, 2007 -- Mtn. View Response

At approximately 2215 hrs. on June 11, Mountain View Fire dispatched equipment to 91 Church Street for a reported "fully engulfed" apartment fire – with many phone calls received. Bob Gundrum and Len Williams responded for FASCV in Support Unit 1.

Mountain View PD was first to arrive, eventually indicating it was fully involved and they were attempting to extinguish. Shortly thereafter, MTV E-2 arrived to report fire showing at the rear of a 1-story apartment complex.

The fire was in the middle of the complex and had easy access for fire crews. E2 extended a 1 3/4" line, followed by a 2 1/2" line. Due to exposure concerns, the IC requested one additional engine -- eventually going to a full 2nd alarm. 2nd-alarm apparatus included NASA Ames Fire Dept. (MOF) T-6 and a Palo Alto Fire BC to the scene along with Santa Clara County (CNT) E-1 to cover MTV Station #1.

The resident of the involved apartment was treated for burns to her hands and transported to a hospital. There was another female in the area with a reported leg injury. She was treated, but initially it was unknown how she was related to the fire incident, if at all.

Observing the unit of origin from the outside, it appeared that the fire was primarily a kitchen fire that spread to the front room. Smoke was also a problem for many neighboring units.

-- Thanks to FASCV responder Bob Gundrum for this information