Saturday, June 2, 2007

May 21, 2007 -- SCCFD 2nd-alarm Response

On Wednesday (May 30,2007 @ 05:07), Len Williams attempted to respond in Support Unit 1 to a 2nd-alarm structure fire at South Stelling Road and Lilac Way. Unfortunately, our response was "10-7" due to a dead battery. The problem was isolated to the interior dome lights being accidentally left on after the last use. Don Gilbert believes that the batteries should be on a trickle-charger anyway, so we'll soon be working on that solution.

John Whitaker, however, did respond and reports that the fire was quickly knocked down and the need for an FASCV response was minimal. More detailed information about the fire can be found at this link to The San Jose Mercury-News.

In the meantime, photos of the event are available for viewing at this link:
Stelling Road 2nd-alarm Fire

-- Thanks to "The Blogmaster" John Whitaker for this information